NaTasha Rechell

Helping you to breathe life back into your marketing

The Assistant

How would you like to wake up?

A. Peaceful because you know your Virtual Assistant has sent out the reminder emails to your Clients to pay their invoices.

B. Relaxed because you can now schedule that play date with your children and not feel guilty because you had to work late…again.

C. Grateful because not only were you able to increase your income, save your money, and be there for your loved ones, but you were able to schedule time just for you to do whatever you wanted to do.

D. All of the above

In a 7 month period of NaTasha being my Virtual Assistant, I’ve generated an extra $10k a month, and she saves me a minimum of 15 hours a week of, hands on work!

Jasmine O’Day – Jasmine O’Day

Many times we tend to get lost in the details of running our businesses that we often overlook the reason why we started.

We also assume by doing all the work ourselves we’re saving money when in actuality we’re wasting it. Having to do a task over again because you didn’t do it right the first time, costs you the time you could have been focused on something else, that would generate the income.

Our Virtual Assistants are professionally trained and equipped to assist you around the clock! We take pride in our integrity and understand the value of time and money.

FIRST TIME CLIENTS: Save $40 an hour with just a 4 hour minimum with our hourly VA Services.

Hourly VA Services: Perfect if you want to “test drive” our services. Click here for more information.

12-Hour VA Services: Ideal if you have a constant stream of customers.  Click here for more information.

24-Hour VA Services: When you want an employee but prefer the independence of the virtual world. Click here for more information.

NaTasha is the business! As a Business Owner, the most important aspect of your business is to focus on your products/services. So, if graphics, web design, social media marketing, and other automation procedures aren’t the forefront of your offering, it’s time to pass it to a professional whose business it is to monitor those processes!

Chanel Renee – WPD-Media