Music Artist Support

Music Artist Support

From developing your Brand as an artist, creating your image, locating venues to perform, or helping you to attract your ideal listening audience, we're here for you.

Electronic Press Kit's

Because marketing is a passion, we know how important it is to stand out from the crowd.  Our professional Electronic Press Kit service will surely help you to do that.

Exclusive Interviews

Be part of our "Music Edition" podcast and gain exposure on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, and several other platforms.  Tune in to, "Behind The Mind Of A Marketer".

Music? Since when?

It's not that I'm just getting into music, I've always been.  From a background of musicians, singers, rappers, DJ's, and composers, the Music life has always been a strong force and passion in my life.  After fighting the urge of combining my marketing with my love affair of music, because I couldn't see how it would actually "fit", I finally decided to just do it.  It's more about how many Artist I can help, how many Artist I can relate to, how many Artist will actually feel comfortable and confident in the services that I provide to them.  It was just time.

Now that you know that...

Consider this place to be the "cornucopia" of marketing for the Music Artist.

  • Artist Music Support
    • Brand Development
    • Image Consulting
    • Bookings
    • Attraction Marketing
  • Electronic Press Kits (EPK's)
    • Custom created branding
  • Exclusive Interviews (International)
    • Be part of the "Music Edition", of "Behind The Mind Of A Marketer
    • Expose your Brand across several platforms such as:
      • Spotify
      • iTunes
      • Apple Music
      • Google Play
      • Radio Public
      • Many more
  • DFW Soul Sessions Interview (local)
    • If you're in the local Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area you can even be part of DFW Soul Sessions.  A niche online radio show and music stream platform designed for local artist ONLY.

To be considered for any of the above services please schedule a consultation.  We do not partner with everyone that reaches out.  We find that when we keep our clientele small, it allows us to be more engaging and more dedicated to your success.

Next Step...

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