Announcing Our New Virtual Assistant Podcast

Excited to announce that we’ve finally created our new podcast called, #vaitsquad (Virtual Assistants In Training).

So, what is it?

You can expect to hear the thoughts, the feelings, the emotions, (almost sounds like a Hallmark film, no disrespect Hallmark), but also some experiences of real life situations, that you can use to help develop your skills as a VA.

I’ve learned that often times people relate to real life experiences.  Reading about it, or understanding a theory, is ok, but hearing how someone actually handled something, helps you to have a deeper understanding.

You can listen to the episode below on

You can also find the podcast on the following platforms as well:

You Can Also See The Podcast Too!

Do Us A Favor

If you have a question or a topic you’d like to be discussed on the podcast, send us a message!